The Art of Design

First and foremost, we are artists.  At Holly Heider Chapple, we love to create and each new project gives our couture Design Studio the opportunity to do what we love most: use our imaginations to bring the most stylish of design possibilities to fruition.  Each event and wedding is a living, breathing work of art.  Our studio always puts its freshest foot forward: we are about quality. Not only do we utilize fashionable styles, but setting unparalleled industry trends. Continuously inspired by innovative ideas and opportunities, whether it comes in the form of a novel hybrid bloom from Holland or a recently-released container from New York, Holly Heider Chapple remains at the forefront of cutting-edge floral and event design.

About our Home Garden Studio

As a home-based Studio, Holly Heider Chapple is positioned to allow Holly and her husband, Evan, to be at home with their children.  This also allows the Studio to utilize its own gardens.  Beautiful expanses of florals fill the property with vibrant color, offering its own sort of inspiration for the designers and clients alike. It is not uncommon for a bride to take a jaunt with Holly through the gardens to discuss floral palettes, textures and blossoms.

Widely Featured

Widely featured throughout the wedding and event industry, Holly Heider Chapple’s work has been published in Martha StewartSouthern LivingWeddings UnveiledBridesThe KnotWashingtonianSouthern WeddingsVirginia Living, In Touch Weekly MagazineElegant Bride and Engaged Magazine in addition to many stylish blogs and local publications.

Who We Are

At Holly Heider Chapple we are about florals, we are about design, we are about weddings, we are about growth.

We are about family.  Welcome to ours.


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