Holly Chapple Flowers

Meet Evan: Beginnings

For thirty years Evan has worked in many aspects of the construction industry including careers in both telecommunications and the electrical and construction fields. His early professional life includes ten years of industrial, commercial and residential construction. During his school years he spent summer vacations building homes. Later, he moved to the electrical field and worked up to the status of journeyman electrician before transitioning to telecom. From 1991 to 2011 Evan worked as a telecommunication engineer where he honed his expertise in design, implementation, logistics, public speaking, team leadership, multi-vendor coordination, documentation and research and analysis.

Custom Props and Event Management

In 2011 Evan left his career and joined Holly Heider Chapple Flowers full-time to manage the day to day operations. At this time, a specific division of HHC was developed to showcase Evan’s many talents as well. Today he creates custom props and decor for the studio as well as drape and lighting installations for HHC signature events.  Evan’s props and decor can be largely contributed to the studio’s ability to produce exquisite, fully designed events. Evan also manages events and growing at Hope Flower Farm

Many Hats

Evan’s well-rounded experience allows him to wear many hats for the Studio. His engineering and implementation experience has led to many incredible events, while his public speaking capability allows him to comfortably convey ideas and concepts to brides and their families. Additionally, Evan is a huge asset when Holly hosts conferences and is now offering educational classes of his own.

For instance, Evan is able to share his wealth of knowledge with the Chapel Designers organization, opening up fresh realms of possibility for both new and seasoned floral designers from around the world. With ease, Evan is able to transition from speaking and consultations to “on-site” installations. Developing pipe and drape, lighting, decor, or props, Evan brings each event beautifully to life.

Garden Style

In 2012, Evan began gardening full time in addition to designing for the Studio. Evan cultivates the property’s flowerbeds, cultivating cut flowers for use in Holly Heider Chapple Flowers floral designs. The Gardens at Holly Heider Chapple Flowers has been officially zoned as “agricultural” by the state of Virginia. This zoning allows Holly and Evan to formally pursue floral design training at their farm in Lucketts, Virginia.

Family Time

Evan and Holly have been married for nearly 30 years. They have seven children, ranging from elementary aged children to adult children in college. The eldest son is married (you can view his spectacular Loudoun County wedding here), and of course had an exquisite array of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers in celebration of his nuptials. In his spare time, Evan enjoys his passions: family, saltwater fishing, sports, and the great outdoors.